Building Features


Metal Building.jpg

PBR Roof Panels

Our 26-gauge Purlin Bearing Rib panels are far stronger than the commonly used “R” roof panels.

Silicone-Polyester Coating

Sierra buildings are precision coated with paints, finishes and synthetic resins for industrial applications.

Metal Building.jpg

Metal Building.jpg

Galvanized Girts, Purlins & C-Sections

Sierra Buildings come with the option of galvanized roof purlins, wall girts and c-sections to protect against rust.

Long Life Stainless Steel Dome Capped Fasteners

Engineered for rapid drilling, Sierra Buildings’ dome capped metal building fasteners resist slipping of the drill point thus minimizing surface damage.

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Steel Main Frame, I-Beam Construction

Primer oxide (gray or red) is applied on main frames as protection against corrosion.