The energy-saving features of your Sierra Buildings Home model can repay big returns on your investment.

Heat Shielding

For our many southern customers, Summer cooling costs are their greatest energy expense. As much as 90% of the heat gain in a house is caused by the sun's radiation, which passes through typical mass insulation like fiberglass as easily as it goes through air. However, a Sierra Buildings Home model can offer double protection against the sun and double relief from high air-conditioning bills. Our foil insulation wrap reflects up to 97% of the radiant energy that strikes it, blocking the heat at its source and helping you to stay cool and comfortable without breaking the bank. If that isn't enough, our Kynar-coated roof panels in Almond, Brownstone, Scarlet Red, and Snow White qualify for Energy Star certification, which means that they also have reflective properties capable of lowering the temperature of the roof up to 100 degrees. 

Winter Protection

Most wood-frame homes built today are framed with 2 x 4s. Of course, modern 2 x 4s are only 3-5/8 inches wide, which means your wall will not even hold enough insulation for an R-13 (using fiberglass bat). All Sierra Buildings Home kits use a minimum 6-inch wide steel stud for the outer walls (some use 8-inch). This allows you to fill that cavity with enough mass insulation (fiberglass, cellulose, etc.) for an R-19. When you add our foil insulation, your wall could have an effective R-value of 30 or better. That is one of the reason so many of our customers report tremendous energy savings in their new Sierra Buildings Home model. Visit our product description page for Secondary Framing for more information.