Building Applications of Every Type

Custom-engineered to Your Satisfaction 

Sierra Buildings provides structural solutions for projects of all sizes, from small, low complexity buildings to large, complex structures. Our proprietary products are designed for optimal strength, efficiency and durability.

The undisputed durability of steel coupled with the superior functionality of Sierra Buildings building systems provides an intelligent option for building construction. Our flexible systems allow for diverse building options in terms of design and appearance. Our customers can expect lower construction costs without compromising an architecturally appealing structure that will last for many years.

No matter the building application, you can count on Sierra Buildings for:

  • Single-source design and supply with area builders to manage and construct projects

  • Optional 25-year color finish and 20-year weathertightness warranties

  • Flexible structural design that gives you the freedom to apply conventional construction methods with custom-engineered metal solutions

  • More than 90 different panel configuration choices

  • Manufacturing at state-of-the-art plants to ensure structural integrity

  • Simplified erection processes to effectively speed up construction

  • Industry-leading certified installer courses for roofing and wall systems

  • Steel packages that can be developed with metal roof and wall systems or with conventional wall systems, including steel stud wall systems, insulated metal panels, brick, tilt up, CMU block, stucco and more

  • Thermal design solutions that incorporate both value and cost savings